What We Do

Pathfinder is an unlisted private company, established 2011

Pathfinder currently operates 4 exploration permits (100% WI) offshore Canning Basin, 2 permits in emerging ‘Phoenix area play’

We have a capable team, Databases and Networks

Pathfinder’s growth plans are to take advantage of market downturn and current corporate stress and look to acquire development and production assets.

We have:

  • Interesting high-impact, low-cost exploration
  • Established Perth office (databases, tools, people)
  • Experienced Management and Board (in house and in waiting)
  • Current Research on Investment Opportunities

And just as importantly:

  • Good networks, knowledge of ‘who is who’, essential for building the right team
  • Excellent relations with O&G companies, government, relevant unions and the regulator

Pathfinder successful in recognising Themes and Value early:

Frontier acreage in Offshore Canning before the Phoenix area discoveries

Patchawarra Trough, Cooper Basin. Two profitable transactions completed on PEL 570

Conducted extensive due diligence on several Australian opportunities recognising the inherent value of these assets with a view of acquiring them in part or in full